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  • Variety

    100% Carménère

  • Location

    Grapes from different parts of the central valley.

  • Tasting notes

    Intense red color. Nose appealing: species with notes of red fruits and chocolate.
    Nice and soft tannins with touches of species.

  • The Vintage

    The beginning of this 2015 vintage started with a dry and hot spring , which resulted in early vegetative development. The harvesting of Sauvignon grapes ended on the 28th February: the earliest vintage in ten years. Our biodynamic practices over the past few years have enabled us to maintain a very good level of
    acidity. We are producing a highly complex wine with a combination of fruity notes (pineapple, lychee) and floral notes (boxwood, blackcurrant flowers), all of which are bound by a great deal of minerality. To the palate, it is perfectly balanced and very unctuous, with a very mineral finish.

  • Suggestions

    Red and white meats.
    Quiche of peppers tomatoes and basil.

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Objet : Carmenere 2015
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