2014 : 93 pts James Suckling
2012 : 91 pts Wine Advocate
2012 : 92 pts James Suckling
2011 : 94 pts Wine Enthusiast
2010 : 93 pts Wine Enthusiast

Pioneer of the great Carmenère of Chile, he was one of the first to demonstrate the potential of this grape variety. Today, the Chilean emblematic grape variety, the Carmenère, has remained hidden for many years because it was confused with Chilean Merlot until 1994. The Carmenère is akin to Cabernet Sauvignon, but its tannins are more supple and silkier. It consists of notes of red and black fruits and a note of smoked tea, particularly in this varietal. In Europe, it never reached its maturity and therefore does not have the reputation of a wine of noble grape variety. François, being convinced of the potential of this Bordeaux variety for its finesse and complexity, discovered the best way to let this "sleeping beauty" reveal itself. Alka is the fruit of this quest which proves that the Carmenere is capable of giving a complex and fine grape variety.

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