Biodynamic vines
in Lolol

Biodynamic agriculture was first proposed by the Austrian philosopher Rudolf Steiner in a series of lectures for farmers in 1924. This farming system aims to avoid depleting the soil, thereby enabling sustainable agriculture.


It's environmentally 
friendly, with an
emphasis on the
production being as
natural as possible.

We decided to try the biodynamic approach at the Hacienda Araucano vineyard because we knew that such a natural method of production was good for the environment, better for consumers, and would ultimately be reflected in the wines!

The Lolol vineyard is our pilot site for the implementation of organic farming techniques that we then export to our other vineyards in the world. The climate is naturally conducive to the application of these techniques since relatively few diseases are encountered in Chile. For example, there is no downy mildew problem, which is the bane of most winegrowers. Also thanks to the climate, there is no phylloxera and vines can be planted directly, without being grafted.


All farms
are considered
to be living,
independent organisms.

Biodynamic farming is based on three main principles:

All farms are considered to be living, independent organisms. Inputs and outputs are regulated with a view to creating and maintaining an independent system.
Rather than fertilizing the soil, the objective is to invigorate it, so that it is able to assimilate the mineral elements necessary for the plants' growth and defence.
The work schedule is based on the lunar, solar and zodiac cycles.

These objectives are accomplished by:

Ploughing the soil and management of grassing (enabling more aerated soil that is rich in microorganisms).
The use of compost and "energised" preparations. These preparations are made solely from animal or vegetable matter.

By growing grapes with maximum respect for the environment, biodynamic farming enables the wines to offer a profound reflection of their terroir in terms of flavour and aroma potential.
Today, it is DEMETER, an international body based in Switzerland, which is authorised to issue biodynamic certification. After five years of "conversion", our vineyard in Lolol has obtained official DEMETER certification.
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